PA3. VIEWS _ The Architects from their works

Valentino Gareri is an italian architect that works on sustainable architecture, having won different awards on it. After the pandemic, Valentino thought about the new way of interacting with the world and created a new concept for a school that focuses on the relationship with nature even being inside, allowing a 360 degrees view of nature thanks to its shape and windows.

The building, named the tree house school, It’s formed by two rings formed by very simple modular structures made of sustainable materials and can be redistributed. Each one contains a room that can be modified and used for different purposes. Inside, the rings contain a courtyard that allows the kids to play safely.

The time outside is very valuable in this building, so every space reinforces the connection between the inside and outside, having easy access to the central courtyard from every module. In addition, the building’s roof allows them to host people safely.

Indoors, the same idea is applied: the windows are designed in a way that people are allowed to see the outside while avoiding direct sunlight entry so no one gets blind thanks to the opaque panels placed at an angle that blocks the sunrays. The high roofs also have an important role in the concept of openness. 

Finishing, I’d like to point out that this building is designed to be a multipurpose building such as temporary medical centers for emergencies or temporary residential units since all the modules are easily re-organized and low cost, satisfying the necessities of the covid and post-covid society.