Why I hate glass façades

Cities grow, people travel and corporations grow bigger and bigger. Older buildings are not enough to carry the weight of the busy citizens, new constructions are needed. The historical low skyline is disrupted with sharp skycrapers, odd geometrical shapes and glass panels. ‘Reinventing’, they say as they clone the same glass-concrete structures all over the world.

Elegance and humongous shapes mesmerize the pedestrians. The promises of sustainability of modernity keep them calm as corporations aim towards building bigger and bigger to place their eight-story shop in the middle of the most important areas of the city.

We all know cities that are victims of this uniqueness robbery: Paris now looks like New York, London and Tokyo. They are put together and blended into a big corporative-aimed globalized architecture.

Examples like Rue de Rivoli, after in 2016, the highest administrative court in France gave permission to execute projects whose aesthetic disrupted with the classical harmony of Paris streets.

Rue de Rivoli before
Rue de Rivoli after

Or Rio de Janeiro, as they’ve done to the whole Avenida Rio Branco:

This disruption may be profitable for the big corporations, politicians and star architects, but it is a big loss for our humanity. I firmly believe in the possibility of developing without hurting our cities uniqueness. Our cities must stay unique, lively and growing!

Source of images: Stock photos

Inspiration: Subreddit r/Tradarch