PA1 MY ENVIRONMENT_Things around me

As humans, we move, we see and feel, so we need spaces. We need spaces that are different, spaces that satisfy our needs, that make us feel at home or make us feel something unique due to our individual experiences. Architects design our spaces to make them functional, safe and pleasing; they give meaning to them.

To talk about meaningful spaces, I’ve chosen Valencia’s airport. I like airports because even if they all are built for the same function, they all are completely unique as unique are the cultures of the country they are settled in.

Valencia’s airport is composed by the main parts of an airport: terminals, runways… but also it is filled with very diverse types of people and purposes: travellers that are going on an adventure, business people, people that come home…

The architecture of the space I am right now, the check-in area, is spacious and modern. The high roofs and the windows walls give the feeling of being connected to the outside. This airport isn’t one of the biggest, but keeping it simple, this airport satifies every need efficiently as any bigger one would do. The runway in front of me goes from one side to the other of the building. At my right I can see the check-in cabines: they seem small and unconfortable when there’s many people. At my right there’s small fast or coffee shops. They take space from the runway and they are in an awkward place. Anyways, the whole composition seems to work properly and it is pleasing to see.

Airport of Valencia. -Marina Casanova

Why did you choose this place?

I’ve chosen this place because everytime I’ve came here it was for a meaningful reason for me, so I associated it to being excited for a new experience, to come home and to meet again someone I’ve missed.

What makes you comfortable?

This building makes me feel comfortable. It is safe but cold. It’s not specially welcoming on its own, but people warm it. As we are usually there for a purpose, I don’t really think much about finding it cosy, but it feels way more comfortable than any other public building such as an hospital or the metro.

There is some disruptive element?

Yes: the qeue lines. They take all the space specially at this COVID era now we need to practise social distancing.

Do you think you’d feel the same way in another space right now?

Yes. A long distance train station or anything that means travel.

Do you think that the conditions of this space influence its occupants?



A safe and organized place calms the passengers and their families.