Me in the Arashiyama bamboo grove, Kyoto

Hello! Welcome to my page. I’m Marina Casanova, a first year architecture student from UPV, settled in Valencia, Spain.

The main subject of this blog is going to be, of course, architecture since I’m an architecture student, but it will always be filled with personal thougts and reflections. 

How did I know that I wanted to study architecture?

I didn’t know I was going to like to become an architect since I’ve spent most of my school years thinking I wanted to become a physician! But after thinking too much about it when choosing a career, I decided that even if I love physics, the work in a laboratory is not for me.

I’ve always been a creative person with a passion for science, that must be the reason why I found myself looking and admiring at the different types of buildings and structures everywhere I go. Architecture is the type of work where I would feel fulfilled and motivated everyday! 

How come that I want to study in English?

I’ve spent all my childhood navigating the internet, so since I was very small, I understood english perfectly. I can also speak english fluently since my partner is british and doesn’t know spanish, so I had to fight against my fear of speaking english! I think it is almost compulsory to learn english if you want to be always updated on the last architecture studies and want to work on different countries.

Okay, now tell us a bit more about yourself!

Okay okay, I will do!! I have a lot of interests and hobbies, but my main one is drawing. In fact my source of income comes from taking commissions. My speciality is digital painting. I have an art account here:

I would describe myself as a person that wants to live fully. I like to create and have my own way of doing things. I value creativity and practicality.

Among my interests, I am interested in alternative fashion (specially japanese), feminism -I like to read radical feminism theory- and traveling.